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Note Cards
Black and White...................$8.00                                  Color...........$9.00     
           Each pack contains ten 4.25 x 5.5 inch cards and ten envelopes
        I can use one of my designs or one of yours or even a picture of your mule.
Wood Burnings are
priced according to size
and subject.  For
example, this ten inch
mule head portrait is
Wood Burning
My decal cups are made using clear decals printed with my ink
jet printer.  They are not heated.  I apply several coats of
clear enamel over the decal.  The decal material was designed
to adhere to any smooth flat surface.  I can apply almost any
graphic to the cup.  I chose a photograph of my mule for mine.
 I have been using mine for more than 2 years, hand washing
with mild soapy water.  It still looks new.  However, if you
soak these decal cups in hot dishwater, the decal will come off.
Decal Cups........$10.00
muley things
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Hand painted
Potty Lids are
Wood burned
Potty Lids are
plus $12.00
Hand Painted Cups.......$15.00

These are one of a kind.  They have a
coat of krylon varnish over the
painting.  They will last a long time
hand washing with mild soapy water.
                                BOOT JACKS
These wooden boot jacks are approximately 10 inches long and 3 inches high.
I have wood burned a design on them and varnished them to a high shine.  I have some blanks for custom
designs.  They are all priced at $20.00 each plus shipping.
Mule/Heart Boot Jack           Mule/Star Boot Jack               Ugly Mule Boot Jack              Young Mule Boot Jack
These are medium shades.  They
measure 12 inches tall.  They
are made of a soft suede. I laced
a brown leather thong along the
edges and tied off with a few
beads on the back.  The
silhouette is hand painted with
black artist's acrylic paint.   The
medium size is priced at $40.00.  
Cowboy and Mule Lamp Shade    Mule Lead Lamp Shade
  • Each page is printed on double sided glossy photo paper
    and measures 11 x 8.5 inches.

  • It is wire bound

  • Each month shows the gem stone and the flower for that

  • All US Holidays are noted and have an individual graphic
    pertaining to the holiday.

  • Each day is big enough to make a notation

  • There is a "Notes" and a "To Do" space on the far right

  • The calendar page can be decorated with extra graphics or
    extra small pictures.

  • Each calendar page shows a small previous and next month

I will need at least 13 good quality photos.  They need to be 4 by 6 inches and at least 320 pixels per inch.   I can use lesser
quality photos to adorn the blank spaces  on the calendar page.  Feel free to send from 0 to 24 of these.  My e-mail addresses: and will handle pictures of this size.   You can either e-mail the pictures or
send them by regular post and I will crop and manipulate them to the best size.  They will be returned unharmed with your

I will also need a list of personal dates to remember, such as birthdays and anniversaries.   As many special dates as you like.
I will also need you to include your complete name, address, and telephone number with each correspondence.
Due to the raise in cost of the
blank shades, I will not be
providing these.  They can be
purchased at several sites on
the web.  I will paint on them
for you.  A small picture would
be $15.00, Medium $25.00 and
large $40.00.  Call me to
arrange this.  903-796-3092
Plastic Snap-In Mule Mugs
Once the graphic insert is put
into place and the cup is
snapped together, it is water
tight and will not come apart.  
Here are some mug examples.
 I have 5 designs ready, but
any graphic will work.  When
you buy the insert you get the
whole mug assembled.  They
are priced at $10.00 each plus
$5.00 shipping.  To order a
custom cup, you must contact
me.  Phone:  903 796 3092.
My Photo Mug               Blue Mules Rule Mug   Green Mules Rule Mug   Just a Horse Mug